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Appeal To Pity

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Taxonomy – Where am I?

Appeal To Pity (ad misericordiam)

classification : informal – appeals to motive in place of support

An argument based on pity without foundation or logical merit.


Pity does not serve as evidence for a claim or otherwise support a logical conclusion. 

Captioned as the Galileo Arguement; the attempt is to persuade someone to agree with you by making them pity or feel sorry for you or make the other person seem cruel or insensitive if they fail to comply. 

The reference to Galileo refers to his trials and house arrest by the Inquisition as a result of his scientific views that branded him as a heretic.


Find the defendant not guilty of embezzlement. He’s in a wheelchair.

I hope you like my proposal. It took me six years to write and I would die if it was rejected.

Other Names

Appeal to the pitying heart

The Galileo Argument

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