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Aristotle’s 13 Fallacies

November 8th, 2009

Aristotle’s 13 Fallacies

Linguistic fallacies

(in dictione)


De Sophisticis Elenchis:

One of his six works on logic contained within the Organon, (Instrument) the name given by Aristotle’s followers – the Peripatetics.

The works are:
On Interpretation,
Prior Analytics,
Posterior Analytics,
Topics and

Sophistical Refutations.

Accent (Ambiguity or homonymy)
Amphiboly (or ambiguity)
Composition (Combination) and Division

(two sides of the same coin)

Figure of Speech

Non-linguistic fallacies

(extra dictionem)

Affirming the Consequent
In a Certain Respect and Simply
Ignorance of Refutation
Begging the Question
False Cause

source: Sophistical Refutations (Sophistici Elenchi)

On Sophistical Refutations – Translated by W. A. Pickard-Cambridge

  1. Ambiguity or homonymy)
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