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Loaded Words

November 7th, 2009

Taxonomy – Where am I?

Loaded Words

classification : informal – begging the question

A loaded word carries a value judgment along with its descriptive element. The use of emotive words to influence the reader. This technique is frequently used in advertisements to persuade us to buy things. Bad words are used to make us buy products to rid ourselves of things that we have been persuaded are undesirable. Glad words are used to make us buy products to obtain what we have been persuaded is desirable.


A word or phrase is “loaded” when it has a secondary, evaluative meaning in addition to its primary, descriptive meaning. When language is “loaded”, it is loaded with its evaluative meaning. A loaded word is like a loaded gun, and its evaluative meaning is the bullet.

Other Names

Loaded Language
Question-Begging Epithets
glad and bad words fallacy

Sub fallacies

Appeal to Nature

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