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Joint Effect

October 24th, 2009

Taxonomy – Where am I?

Joint Effect

classification : informal – fallacies Of ambiguity

Joint effect is a logical fallacy of causation in which two phenomena that have a common cause are thought to be cause and effect themselves.


This is a special case of correlation implies causation. In statistics, the common cause is called a confounding factor and this fallacy is called a spurious relationship.


We are experiencing high unemployment which is being caused by a low consumer demand. (In fact, both may be caused by high interest rates.)

You have a fever and this is causing you to break out in spots. (In fact, both symptoms are caused by the measles.)

Other Names

A special case of post hoc ergo prompter hoc.
fallacy of causation
fallacy of the single cause
causal oversimplification
Spurious relationship
false dilemma

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