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Appeal To Novelty

October 8th, 2009

Appeal To Novelty ( argumentum ad novitatem )

classification : informal – appeal to emotion

A fallacy in which someone prematurely claims that an idea or proposal is correct or superior, exclusively because it is new and modern.


In a controversy between status quo and new inventions, an appeal to novelty argument isn’t in itself a valid argument. The fallacy may take two forms: overestimating the new and modern, prematurely and without investigation assuming it to be best-case, or underestimating status quo, prematurely and without investigation assuming it to be worst-case.


If you want to lose weight, your best bet is to follow the latest diet.

Upgrading all your software to the most recent versions will make your system more reliable.

Other Names

Ad Novitam
Bandwagon fallacy
argumentum ad antiquitatem

Note: The opposite of an appeal to novelty is an appeal to tradition.

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