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Argumentum ad verecundiam

September 25th, 2009

Argumentum ad verecundiam

classification : informal – defective induction

Appeal to inappropriate authority. When correctly applied this can be a valid appeal to authority, essentially it is an argument that requests judgment or input from a qualified or expert source. Frequently, however, it is often a logical fallacy consisting of an appeal to authority, but on a topic outside of the authority’s expertise or on a topic on which the authority is not disinterested (i.e., is biased). Almost any subject has an authority on every side of the argument, even where there is generally agreed to be no argument.

Included Fallacies

False Cause (argument non causa pro cause)
Appeal to Authority
Hasty Generalization (converse accident)
Appeal to the Public
Misuse of Authority
Irrelevant Authority
Inappropriate Authority
Questionable Authority

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