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Fallacy Of Converse Accident

September 22nd, 2009

Taxonomy – Where am I?

Fallacy Of Converse Accident

classification : informal – fallacies involving statistical syllogisms

A principle that holds true as a general rule applied to a specific case that is unusual or atypical.

From one set of exceptional cases then generalizing to a rule that fits them alone.


The fallacy of Converse Accident occurs when you form a general rule by examining only a few specific cases which aren’t representative of all possible cases.

The fallacy of Converse Accident is similar to the fallacy of Accident. In Accident, you misapply a general rule to a specific situation; in Converse Accident, you generalize a specific situation into a sweeping rule. Thus, Converse Accident is sometimes called Hasty Generalization.


Did you see that teenager run that red light? Teenage drivers are really pathetic.

John Doe is a duplicitous, weasel word Politician. All Politicians are disingenuous.

Other Names:

Hasty Generalization

reverse accident

destroying the exception

sub-fallacy of Presumption

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