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Appeal To Authority

September 22nd, 2009

Taxonomy – Where am I?

Appeal To Authority

classification : informal – causal fallacies

By using an authority, the argument is relying upon testimony, not facts. A testimony is not an argument and it is not a fact.


Fallacious when claims made by a person who lacks the needed degree of expertise to make a reliable claim; makes a claim about some subject outside of his area(s) of expertise or, if there is a significant amount of legitimate dispute among the experts within a subject. Some authorities on informal logic prefer to call this the appeal to questionable authority.


I’m buying a Borax mountain bike. My history instructor says they’re the best, and he is so logical!

I’m going to see that new movie. My best friend said it was very good, and we always like the same things!

Other Names

Argument from Authority

Argument from respect

Appeal to questionable authority

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